FAQ - New Zealand


Yes, full payment is required to confirm your booking with us.

> 30 days before trip date: Free cancellation, full refund

15-29 days before trip date: 50% cancellation fee, 50% refund

0-14 days before trip date: 100% cancellation fee, no refund


For all cancellations, a SGD 75 processing fee will be required.

Refunds will be provided to you on a pro-rated basis ONLY in the event of the following unforeseen cases:

  • Travel bans from Singapore into the destination country ordered by government authorities
  • Travel bans from destination country into Singapore ordered by government authorities
  • Mandatory closure of entire ski resort area in LAAX, Flims & Falera

If such an event occurs, a pro-rated reimbursement will be provided for services already paid for, that you have been unable to obtain or use. This is subject to the condition that the booking was made prior to the officially imposed travel restrictions.

Refunds will NOT be provided to you in the event of the following cases, including but not limited to:

  • In the event you get Covid-19, prior, during or after the trip.
  • Government advisories to limit travel
  • Failure to secure preferred flights
  • Personal disinclination to travel
  • Extension of quarantine regulations
  • Other personal matters

If any of the above events occur, general trip cancellation terms will apply.

To ensure you are fully covered in any unforeseen events, we recommend purchasing a comprehensive Covid-19 travel insurance to cover you for the duration of the trip.


Yes, we require all our guests travelling with us on our trips to be fully vaccinated, this includes your booster vaccination.

Travelling to New Zealand

Information below is updated as of 18 May 2022. For the most updated travel regulations, please refer to this link.

Travel regulations into New Zealand has since been eased. Here is a list of requirements for entry:

  • Vaccination Requirement: Proof of vaccination is required upon entry into NZ.
  • Covid Testing: Pre-departure testing is required.
    • PCR test taken a maximum of 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your first international flight to New Zealand
    • Supervised rapid antigen test (RAT) taken a maximum of 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your first international flight to New Zealand
    • Supervised loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) test taken a maximum of 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your first international flight to New Zealand.
  • Travel Quarantine: There is currently no quarantine requirement for visitors from Singapore entering New Zealand.

Travelling into Singapore from New Zealand

For a smooth, quarantine free entry into Singapore, travellers must meet the following requirements:

  • Be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, at least 14 days prior to arrival in Singapore.

COVID Testing Process Overview

Prior to departure to New Zealand:

(i) PCR or ART prior to departure to New Zealand

Prior to departure back to Singapore

(i) Proof of vaccination 


To facilitate verification by the relevant authorities, travellers from Singapore can use Notarise to digitally authenticate and endorse the pre-departure test and/or vaccination certificates.


Yes, we strictly require all guests to purchase a Covid-19 travel insurance that covers the full duration of the trip.

Here are some options for your considerations: Travel Insurance Plans with Covid-19 Coverage

In the event you feel unwell or show Covid-19 symptoms during the trip, please proceed to take an ART swab test immediately. All persons sharing the same room/apartment as you will also be required to take an ART test. While waiting for the results, please take the necessary precautions to safe distance yourself from the rest of the group.

In the event an ART test is positive, please make it known to an official member of staff. Arrangements will be made for you to quarantine for 7 days. A likely scenario will be that you will stay put in your apartment, where you will be required to quarantine for 7 days. The others sharing the same apartment who test negative will be shifted to another apartment for the rest of the trip. Once 7 days have passed, and you have no more symptoms, you may come out of quarantine.

Important: Please note that costs associated with Covid tests, quarantine stays and changes in flights will be fully borne by the traveller. To ensure you are fully covered in any unforeseen circumstances, we highly recommend purchasing a comprehensive Covid-19 travel insurance to cover you for the duration of the trip.



Yes, a minimum age of 18yrs is required if you are joining our trips alone.


If accompanied by parents or a guardian, a minimum age of 12yrs will be required for our trips to Switzerland.

Yes, all trip dates are fixed and bookings will follow the specified dates strictly. Amendments to trip dates will not be permitted.

Yes, to stay with us 2 weeks in a row, simply make a booking for 2 trips. We know 1 week might not be enough to satisfy your powder cravings.

While we would love to share the stoke and show as many as we can around the ski resorts of New Zealand, we will not be able to allow others to tag along with us on the slopes. This is to ensure the best experience to all paying guests. The Ride Side’s hosted and guided sessions around the slopes are the most valuable part of our trip experience and what our customers are paying for. We need to ensure we keep to a good guide to guest ratio for safe and fun time on the mountain.

If you are looking to be shown around the slopes with a fun group of like-minded individuals, simply book the trip with us and come along for the ride!


Each traveller is responsible for their own flight bookings and you may book flights based on your own preferences. For our New Zealand trips, all flights will be made to Queenstown International Airport (ZQN).

  • Please take note of the airport shuttle schedule to and from Queenstown International Airport. (Details in next point below)

You should plan your flight arrival and departure timings to best match these.

Arrive at Queenstown International Airport (ZQN), gather at the designated meeting point in the airport and we’ll head to our accomodation as a group in our dedicated airport shuttle bus. Check-in, meet the crew for the week and get cosy as we brief you on NZ’s ski areas and attractions. You may also wish to head to the lake and soak in Queenstown’s amazing views!

Airport Shuttle Pick-up Schedule:

  • Every Saturday: 3pm & 6pm

Flight recommendation:

  •  To arrive at Queenstown Airport between 12pm-5pm on Saturday

*if your flight timings are outside these timings, please inform us so we can arrange a special shuttle for you to the apartment


Rentals are not included in the package price. You will be given to option to book them before your trip based on what you require. Please see full equipment rental prices in Queenstown, NZ, here.

IMPORTANT: Personal gear such as Goggles, Facemasks, & Gloves are not available for rental. It is recommended to purchase them prior to the trip if you do not have them. These items are available to purchase at The Ride Side in Singapore at your convenience.

Directions to :The Ride Side Snowboard Shop

Yes you may! You will be given to option to book additional lessons before your trip based on your requirements, subject to availability of Coronet & Remarkables ski school. Please see full lesson prices here.


Yes you may! This trip is designed for solo travellers to meet other like minded travellers and about 50% of our customers come as solo travellers. Simply book your trip and leave the rest of the planning to us. Once you reach your destination, you will meet the rest of the group that you will be spending the rest of the week with.

We have 2 options for you to book if you are travelling solo:

  1. Single bed in a twin share room

You will share the room with another solo traveller. We will make arrangements to group travellers of the same gender together in the same room. In the event we are unable to do so, we will inform you of the rooming situation to find the most comfortable arrangement for you.

2. Private room for 1 person

If you prefer privacy, you have the option to book a private room to yourself.

Yes you may put in a request for a female only room. If you are looking to book a twin share room and would prefer an all-female room, please leave a note in the comments field of your booking form. Our team will get back to you with a confirmation on the arrangement as soon as we can.

The 2 programmes will be running concurrently with each other, with all participants of both programmes in the same accommodation apartment. This allows you to join us as a group of family or friends with different skill levels, while still joining in a programme most suited to your skill level. You will be together each day and only split up during the daily programme lessons and guiding.


All meals will be settled by each individual.


(i) Prepare breakfast in your apartment’s fully equipped kitchen. We will visit supermarkets in Queenstown for you to get all your grocery needs.


(i) Cafes and restaurants are scattered all around the ski resort’s base and around the mountain. Have your pick between a quick take away sandwich to maximise your time on the slopes, or have a hearty Kiwi lunch in a restaurant as you watch the snow fall over a warm cup of coffee.


(i) In Queenstown City (a 5 min shuttle ride away), you’ll find highly rated restaurants of both international or local cuisine. You’ll be spoilt for choice and will even be able to try a different restaurant each night.

(ii) For those who prefer a homely touch, you may make full use of your apartment’s fully equipped kitchen and cook yourself a nice mean to share with your family, friends and even new house mates!

A variety of supermarkets and convenience stores are is conveniently located just 5 minutes away from the accommodation for you to get all your grocery needs. Free shuttle buses run hourly to and fro our accommodation and the city.



  • 7 Nights Premium Lake View Accommodation
  • 4 Day Lift Pass (Coronet, Remarkables)
  • Morning Mountain Orientation
  • Private Transport to Ski Resorts
  • Free Daily Shuttle to Queenstown City Centre
  • 2 Way Airport Transfer
  • TRS Guest Pack (3 pack Face Masks, T-Shirt & More)
  • 10% off retail for all guests
  • Flights
  • Food & personal expenses
  • Equipment rental
  • Lessons
  • Travel Insurance
  • PCR/ART Tests

Yes, beginners are welcome to join the New Zealand experience. To join our guiding sessions, we recommend that you are, at the very minimum, comfortable making turns down a green slope. Please do note that for our daily guiding sessions, we will aim to take the group to explore all around the resort.  Depending on your skill level and ability, there might be certain guiding sessions where you might not be able join in. Your guide for the day will advise you on the difficulty level of the routes and will let you know if your ability will be suitable for the session.

If you are still new to snowboarding, we highly recommend you sign up for beginner lessons during the trip. During your lessons, you will have a group of riders with similar ability to learn with and explore the mountain with throughout the week. You will also be able to fully enjoy your time in NZ as your instructor will take you to gentler, more suitable terrain to learn and progress on. These reasons will make your trip a lot more enjoyable and fruitful for you. You will still be able to hang out with the others in the NZ experience after lessons or anytime off the slopes

Option to sign up for lessons will be provided to you closer to your trip date.

Throughout each week, you will meet skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels within the group. They range from beginners all the way to seasoned advanced riders. Regardless of your skill level, you’d be sure to find a group similar to yours to explore the incredible terrain together.

The only exception to this would be if you are a complete first timer or new beginner still figuring out your S-turns. If you fall into this category, we highly recommend you sign up for beginner lessons. By taking lessons, you will have a group of riders with similar ability to learn with and explore the mountain with throughout the week. You will also be able to fully enjoy your time in NZ as your instructor will take you to gentler, more suitable terrain to learn and progress on. These reasons will make your trip a lot more enjoyable and fruitful for you.

Each morning, the TRS team will set meeting points to meet up and to take your around selected ski resort. Each day will be a different route to show you as much of the resort as we can throughout the week. The group will also be split up according to skill levels to ensure everyone explores terrain suitable to their ability and to ensure everyone gets more riding with less waiting!

If you are an intermediate to advanced level rider, you will be able to explore majority of the mountain. For beginners, your exploration might be limited to your proficiency on the slopes. Do ask your guide on the suitability of the day’s terrain and skill level.

There will be up to 5 days of mountain guiding per week. Each session will be a half day morning session from 9am -12pm.

The daily guiding sessions are not compulsory to join in and you may choose to explore the resort on your own. There are no obligations to stay with the group for the entire trip.

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